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Cuplock Scaffolding System

The cuplock scaffolding system is a widely used scaffolding system all over the world. Because of its unique locking mechanism, it is an easy to set up system that is fast and economical, therefore so popular. Cuplock scaffolding has been in popular use over the past three decades; it is a fully galvanized system that serves various purposes, and has been chosen by constructors and builders over and over again on some of the world’s most complex projects.

Speed and simplicity saves time and money

As compared to traditional scaffolding systems, the Cuplock scaffolding system has proven itself to be the fastest of all. Because it is so easy and simple to set up, it saves a lot of time and money. This makes it a popular choice among builders and contractors who are always looking to minimize costs and save time. Compared to other scaffolding systems, Cuplock is known to have saved time by around 30 to 50%.

Cuplock is a flexible and adaptable scaffolding system that can be used to make a wide variety of structures which serve useful for construction, refurbishment or maintenance.

Although the Cuplock scaffolding system is a heavy-duty system, it is surprisingly easy and simple to erect. It requires the least amount of wedge connectors and loose fittings.

Cuplock Scaffolding Components

Cuplocks Standard

Vertical available in length of 2 meter. Cups provided at 1000mm c/c, stagnant bottom cups welded are made from forged high quality steel. While movable top cups are made from malleable cast iron. Spigots which usually are of 150mm long are provided to make assembly easy.

Cuplock Ledger Plate / Transom (Horizontals)

Made Out of 50mm tube medium/light with forged end blades welded at both ends. Standard sizes available are 1.2 meter, 2 meters.

Adjustable Base Jack

The universal Jack provides a method of adjustment which can be used at either the top or bottom of a scaffolding support structure. It can be supplied with welded base plate or U type Stirrup Head. They have an adjustment of up to half a meter, and accommodate differences in ground level, as well as to keep the structure leveled.

Adjustable U-Head

The Adjustable U-Head is used with scaffold systems & formwork systems.

Swivel Couplers

Swivel Couplers provide the same tough, positive grip as double couplers but enable two scaffold tubes to be connected together at any angle. Designed for maximum safety in load bearing situations, they are used especially for cross-bracing.

Walkway Plank

These walkway planks are used to offer support as safety flooring system. These are available in standard, serrated tread and slotted profile options.